Sports / Mini Olympics


This really is an action packed party for all active children over 6yrs, who like to burn off lots of energy!

The activities are carried out in teams where the children are encouraged to cheer their team members on & display good sportmanship!

The games and compertitions are tailored to the age and skill level of the group.

Activities include:- warm up excercises, long jump, sprinting and relay races, obstacle race, egg & spoon, hopping race, balloon games, javalin, to name but a few.

After the food you can choose wither additional sport activities or party games such as musical statues/bumps/mats, parachute games and lots of bubbles!

The party lasts for two hours during which time a 6inch trophy will be presented to the birthday boy/girl & each guest will receive a certificate.

To finish the party off on a high, each guest will receive a lovely prize!

Don't forget we have FREE invitations, group photo presented in a hand made card & a birthday present!

Prices start from £150 for up to 20 children

£170 for up to 30 children

for 2 hours.

Call now for details and availability!

Please note there may be an out of area charge if the venue is outside our area, please enquire when you call.

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